Personalized soaps for wedding guests

Personalisierte Seifen für die Hochzeitsgäste

Wedding favor soaps
for Lilla & Pisti

Early last year I was contacted by Lilla & Pisti, who were in the process of organizing their wedding. They wanted special gifts for their wedding guests and thought of natural soaps.

To receive such orders is always a special honor! I work closely with the bride and groom to make their dreams come true.

Guest favors are an important part of the wedding planning. Beautifully designed guest gifts complement the wedding decor with a personal touch of the bride and groom.

Matching the bride and groom.

Personalized wedding favors

Step 1: First we look at which LIMA soap fits the couple's vision. The couple is free to choose one or more types of natural soaps.

During the selection I recommend to go according to what scents, colors and special cosmetic raw materials the bride and groom personally like. Another interesting aspect is the wedding decoration: since LIMA natural soaps have beautiful, natural colors, you can choose soaps that match the color of the wedding decoration nicely.

Lilla and Pisti chose the Mermaid body soap with thermal water, shea butter and pink clay and the Chocola body soap with thermal water, coffee scrub and blood orange.

Step 2: Then you decide how big you want the soaps to be. Besides the standard size (100 g), it is possible to take small soaps (10 g). The bride and groom have selected the mini soaps here.

Step 3: And then comes the fun part! To customize the soaps!

We plan the design of the soaps and their packaging together with the bride and groom and their decor team. A beautiful option is to personalize a soap with a logo. Lilla & Pisti had a lovely wedding logo, which looked perfect on the soaps as well!

Not every logo is suitable to be stamped on the soap surface. I will be happy to advise you if small adjustments to the graphics are necessary.

Finally, the bride and groom may choose a soap wrapping. I then present two options and then together we look at which one fits best. The bride and groom picked brown, hand-stamped paper bags for their customized soaps. The small bars of soap blended in beautifully with their wedding decor.

Are you also thinking about having customized soaps for your wedding?

Email us at
We look forward to planning your wedding soaps soon!

Bride and groom: Lilla & Pisti
Location: Téglás-Degenfeld-Schomburg Kastély, Ungarn
Decoration and graphics: Atelier Wedding Studio
Wedding photographer: Barbara Juhász
Soaps: LIMA manufactory

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