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New in: eco-friendly bathroom accessories
made of biodegradable liquid wood!

LIMA natural beauty laboratory

We believe in the profound beauty of nature.

Lima cosmetics are made using best-quality vegetable ingredients that are far more effective and rich than any of their synthetic counterparts.
The skin literally thirsts for such beauties.  Our goal is to offer sensitive and overladen skin a natural remedy and also, to transform your bathroom into a luxurious wellness oasis.

Lima facial soap

Natural facial cleansing + make-up removal

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We use 100% pure, cold-pressed and mostly organic plant oils and butters to enrich our cosmetic formulas and offer your skin the best treatment. Most of our vegetable oils are sourced from traditional, family-run manufacturers.

We are proud to cooperate with the best suppliers.

The base of each Lima facial and body soap is the organic extra-virgin oilive oil we receive from the oil-mill of Juan Perez from Sevilla, Spain.

Learn more about it HERE, why we love this precious oil so much!

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