New in: eco-friendly bathroom accessories
made of biodegradable liquid wood!

Freshly brewed coffee, holland cocoa enriched with a few drops of blood orange...
Because every day is special.

Gentle detoxifying with activated charcoal.
Natural cleanser + make-up remover.

LIMA natural beauty laboratory

We believe in the profound beauty of nature.

Lima cosmetics are made using best-quality vegetable ingredients that are far more effective and rich than any of their synthetic counterparts.
The skin literally thirsts for such beauties.  Our goal is to offer sensitive and overladen skin a natural remedy and also, to transform your bathroom into a luxurious wellness oasis.

Lima facial soaps

Gentle cleanser and make-up remover

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New arrival!

The Lima tester sets will be soon available!

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handmade 100vegan cruelty_free