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Make your choice of 3 or 6 pieces per set!
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LIMA vegan cosmetics samples set

The best way to try your favorites with free international shipping!

Choose three wonderful Lima beauty treats, or try all six gentle facial soaps, pampering body soaps and the chocolate-inspired body butter! We are looking forward to pack your favorites into a handmade and reusable cotton pouch and send it to you with free shipping worldwide!
Coupon code for free international shipping: FREESAMPLESLIMA

Uplifting treat for body and soul with pure botanical extracts

When is the Lima samples set the right choice for you? 

- you prefer to try first before a full commitment to see what Lima can offer you

- you are interested in experiencing a new quality in your skin care routine 

- you are looking for a healthy option that really works

- you would like to use only gentle and plant-based natural cosmetics on your child's sensitive skin and look for a safe quality

- if you just simply want to experience an uplifting botanical treat and can't wait to try the Lima beauty essences


Choose your samples:


BLACK LAVENDER facial soap with activated charcoal

A calming composition of fresh lavender embellished with earthy patchouli essential oil. Made with deep cleansing, antibacterial activated charcoal powder. Especially suited to cleanse and care for oily, combination and blemish prone skin.

VERDANA facial soap

Refreshing and harmonizing soap bar. Made with green clay, cold-pressed grapeseed oil and a greenish essential oil composition of bergamot and rosemary. Perfect synergy to balance combination skin.

MARSHMALLOW facial soap

Alluring, flowery encounter of geranium and Hungarian lavender in a creamy, organic cocoa butter-based soap. A gentle facial cleanser bar for normal and sensitive skin.

CHOCOLA coffee-infused peeling soap

Delicious blend of freshly brewed coffee, cocoa and blood orange rounded up by a hint of spicy cinnamon essential oil. Gentle peeling soap for bath and shower.

Ground coffee beans gently exfoliate the skin. Together with cinnamon and cedarwood essential oils this soap bar improves blood circulation and contributes to a healthy and even skin tone. Ideal for everyday use.

ASPIRA refreshing salt soap

Lilac lavender fields, balmy cedarwood and a few drops of fresh peppermint combined in this rich mineral soap. Our secret recipe for a flawless healthy skin.

COCOA BABE body butter

A chocolate-scented vegan massage bar to treat normal, sensitive and dry skin. It is free of preservatives, fragrances and colorants. Instead, we blend lots of organic cocoa butter, aromatic coconut oil and vitamin E to pamper and deeply hydrate the skin. Ideal for everyday use. We can highly recommend it for little children and also, to treat the belly of expecting mothers. It works wonders and you will love the original chocolate scent of this bar!



Size of the samples: 20-25 g.

Facial soap sample: lasts approximately 3 weeks based on 2 applications/day.
Body soap sample: 3-5 showers/baths
Body butter sample: 2-3 application

Did you know?

One piece of Lima facial soap replaces all of your facial cleanser fluids, creams, liquid soaps and even your make-up remover!
We recommend it also for gentlemen to use the abundant soap lather instead of a shaving cream (especially the Black lavender facial soap is highly appreciated among men!)

Would you like to enjoy the creamy lather and the uplifting scent of pure essential oils in your shower?

The Lima samples set is available as a 3x and 6x pieces set:

 You may choose your favorite three cosmetics into the 3x pieces set.

 If you would like to enjoy all of the above mentioned beauty treasures, go for the full 6x pieces set!

Free international shipping.





Free international shipping


We offer free shipping for the Lima samples set worldwide! Use the coupon code FREESAMPLESLIMA at checkout!
Our tip: put as many Lima cosmetics into your chart as you want. In case a samples set is included, we will ship your order free of charge! 

100% cotton pouch

Isn't it great that the Lima samples arrive in a handmade cotton pouch? Feel free to reuse this little treasure. Use it to store jewellery, handkerchief, make-up or your contant lenses. It can be washed in the machine at 40 degrees.

Send as a gift? Just let us know under the “Comments” section on the order form and we are happy to put a special card in the package.


"Since I am a mother, it has become extremely important to me, what cosmetics I use. The Lima body butter is among the few cosmetic products that I love to use on a regular basis. I use it after the shower to hydrate my skin. My daughters love it too! My little one (2) is already buttering herself without my help :)"

Feedback on the Cocoa babe body butter from

-- Kata --
"I have been using facial cleanser gel and toner for my oily skin but they all worked only for 1-2 hours. With this soap my skin feels clean all day without the dry out effect!"

Feedback on the Black lavender facial soap from

-- Tímea --
"After using this body soap I simply can't imagine using or paying for a shower gel any more! My skin feels so clean after the shower, I never experienced it before. Washing my skin with a shower gel doesn't give me this clean experience that this soap does.

Feedback on the Aspira salt soap from

-- Dalma --


Safe botanical skincare for the whole family

The base of our natural soaps are saponified organic cocoa butter, extra-virgin olive oils and coconut oil. Lima's unique combination results in a creamy and pampering lather. We use no additional synthetic foaming agents.

We source most of our botanical extracts from traditional, family-run businesses, who we know and trust.  You may experience the beautifying effect of Hungarian lavender, grapeseed oil and sunflower seed oil in a wide range of our cosmetics line.

We believe in the value of handmade goods and that we support the environment and a more sustainable and better future by using no plastics in our packaging.

The Lima all-natural cosmetics are handcrafted in a clean, officially registered and supervised beauty laboratory.

You can feel safe: our cosmetics line undergoes a series of microbiological and stability tests to ensure the greatest and safe quality for your skin

Lima helps you to get rid off those nasty synthetics in your bathroom! Our cosmetics contain NO synthetic colorants, fragrances, mineral oil, silicone, skin-irritating foaming agents (SLS), parabenes, sulphates - nor animal-derived ingredients (not even beeswax!) Lima cosmetics is 100% natural and vegan. We use the best-quality COSMOS (BDIH)-compliant botanical extracts to create an uplifting treat for body and soul.

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