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NEW: Mermaid - luxurious body soap

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Mermaid luxury body soap

With organic coconut oil and pink clay


The new, luxurious MERMAID soap has arrived!

Our MERMAID soap is like a warm summer day on the beach. As the sun goes down over the horizon, it paints the surface of the water in beautiful shades of pink. This soap is a pure luxury on the skin. Inspired by - and not only for - mermaids.

What makes the MERMAID soap so special?

Gentle body cleansing: we use certified organic, virgin coconut oil to create lots of creamy lather that will gently cleanse and pamper your skin.

- Extra care: our MERMAID soap is created with fair-trade shea butter from organic farming to nourish your skin.

Luring effect: enjoy a flowery-powdery essential oil blend!

Pure regeneration: cold-pressed sesame oil makes our MERMAID soap perfect to pamper your skin. Sesame oil is used in ayurvedic medicine to detoxicate the body both internally and externally. It's high content of phytosterol and linoleic acid is boosting skin regeneration.

- French pink clay provides the beautiful light pink color of the soap. This special type of clay is the mixture of red and white clays. Full of minerals, it calms your skin and improves it's rigidity. In beauty therapy, pink clay soothes sensitive and dehydrated skin.


What is it like to bath with the MERMAID soap?

It is simply magnificient. Enjoy the creamy lather, the silky touch of the soap between your hands... breath in the aromatherapy scents and enjoy moments of true relaxation.

I deserve an uplifting treat.

I would love to have LIMA's MERMAID soap NOW.


What will come to your hand?

- a rectangular, handmade and hand-stamped soap specialty

- 100% vegan and natural body care experience

- a light pink soap with silky touch

- creamy lather and a marvellous essential oil scent that will fill the entire bathroom

- exclusive, re-usable cotton pouch

How to use?

Thanks to the unique formulation based on premium, organic botanical extracts, the LIMA MERMAID soap cleanses gently without a dry-out effect. Unsaponified plant oils and butters make your skin feel freshly clean and pampered after the shower. Use it as a daily body and facial cleanser bar.


Our MERMAID soap is handmade using all-natural and high-quality butters, cold-pressed oils and essential oils. Given that even herbal extracts may cause irritation, we recommend a short test on the knuckles prior to the first use.

The MERMAID soap is FREE of:

artificial colors and fragrances, mineral oil, silicone, preservatives, ingredients of animal origin and palm oil.

Enjoy a 100% pure botanical body care experience!

I deserve an uplifting treat.

Order now.

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