The soul



The soul of our cosmetics are high-quality plant oils and butters. Organic and cold-pressed plant oils contain a broad spectrum of moisturizing, regenerating and skin-protective fatty acids and vitamins. The skin is thirsty for this kind of treat absorbing all the nutrition a vegetable oil can provide.

Following we would like to give you an overview of our favourite ingredients and tell you a bit about their story and why we love to work with them!

Organic, extra-virgin olive oil from Sevilla


The most important component of the Lima facial and body soaps is this wonderful yellowish-greenish, aromatic extra-virgin olive oil that we source from the Perez family of Spain. Juan Perez started the family business back in 1999 near Sevilla.  Only the best olives are sorted out to be processed under 25 Celsius. With great commitment and the support of his family he became a specialist in premium-quality olive oil and is leading one of the most outstanding oil-press companies in the region. His organic extra-virgin olive oil was awarded 2014 and 2015 with the prize „Best olive oil of the region of Sevilla”. In Spain, this kind of oil is often referred to as liquid gold. We can only confirm: it is delicious, healthy and it makes the Lima facial and body soaps even more gentle and creamy. You will feel the difference!


Sunflower oil, cold-pressed

We purchase this light, easily absorbing plant oil from a family-owned business from Egerszalók, Hungary. Gábor and his family have been cultivating different sorts of grains since 1992. They process this beautiful yellow oil from their own sunflower seeds in a gentle cold-pressing method. They use no solvents, additives or preservatives during the process.


Grapeseed oil, cold-pressed

Grapeseed oil is a haptic light oil, which is highly recommended to treat combination and oily skin. It’s high content on linoleic acid improves the skin’s own protection capacity and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, this dark green, aromatic oil plays an important role in the Lima Verdana facial cleanser soap. We source this oil from a Hungarian oil-press. Besides premium-quality oils this company impressed us with their zero-waste technology. They aim to use each by-product generated during production. From grapes, they process for instance cold-pressed oil and seed flour, as well.


100% pure lavender essentia oil


Lavender essential oil is a great anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. In aromatherapy skin care, it is often used to treat acne. It has also a nice, calming effect and helps to reach deeper relaxation.

We source our pure lavender essential oil from a traditional essential oil distillery from the North of Hungary. We are not only impressed by the quality of this flowery-herb essence. The company makes remarkable efforts to combine the traditional method of essential oil distillation with modern technology to make the process more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. Thanks to a special technology they collect the steam for the distillation process during the burning of plant mass. With a special water tank system, they collect rain water, which will be later used in the cool-down phase of the distillation.

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