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LIMA is a luxury vegan cosmetics line based in the Hungarian lowlands, right in the heart of Europe. Founded in 2016 by Márta Akpinar-Lele, we handcraft plant-based skin care products designed to give you the ultimate sensuous feeling. 

Combining premium botanical extracts, 100% essential oils and modern natural ingredients, we create uplifting skin treatments. We embrace the value of organic and raw materials and source most of our ingredients from European small producers and bio-dynamic farms.

Behind every LIMA product is love, passionate dedication to our craft and the desire to enrich your everyday life with the most effective and luxurious skin care experience.


Lima natural beauty laboratory


Our cosmetics laboratory is based in the city of sunshine in the Hungarian lowlands. Here, we develop and handcraft all-natural vegan cosmetics. Each of our formulations undergo a series of qualified tests in independent laboratories to ensure best quality and skin-friendly characteristics.

Every cosmetics product is handmade from scratch. We use strictly all-natural and premium quality butters, cold-pressed oils and essential oils to get the most out of each formula. LIMA is completely free of palm oil, parabens, mineral oils, silicone, SLS (sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate) as well as synthetic colorants and fragrances.

There are no two identical cosmetic products. Due to the handmade character and the use of all natural ingredients each soap, body butter and lip care is uniquely beautiful. We simply love to handcraft these beauties and look for the best ingredients to enrich your skincare rituals.


Minimalistic packaging


We believe that even the smallest action matters and know that by being a cosmetics manufacturer we can contribute to a more sustainable living and a better future. Therefore, we decided to keep our packaging as minimalistic as possible using plastic-free materials and no secondary packaging! What counts is inside!


A Note from the founder of LIMA

Márta Akpinar-Lele


A healthy lifestyle has been always very important to me. Unfortunately, as a teenager I had often problems with my skin: inflammations, acne, blackheads and greasiness made me feel very uncomfortable. This was the time, when I started to look for alternative remedies and tried natural cosmetics for the first time. I was impressed as my beautician told me how many herbs, plants and even fruits had been processed in only one product. So, I started to use them and slowly, my skin’s condition was getting better. Back then I had no idea that one day I would be making such remedies myself.

After graduating from high school, I went to Budapest to study economics at university. Afterwards, I was working for several years in this field. One day, I accidentally came across an all-natural tea-tree soap. After the first shower with it, it hit me. From that day on there was no way back: I was learning about soap making during several months until I made my very first cocoa butter-almond oil-lavender oil soap, which was still not perfect in the looks but it was the most delicate thing I experienced on skin. I needed to think of my grandfather, László, who was for years the only one in the family using soaps. Well, this changed. I started to research in the fields of cosmetics chemistry, aromatherapy and herbal treatment, consulted with chemists, product developers, cosmetic suppliers - and the formulas were getting better and better. My soaps turned to be very creamy, lathering, gentle and the scents profited from the long days and nights of aromatherapy blending practice.
I knew that something huge was beginning.

lima_kozmetikumok_akpinar-lele_martaMárta Akpinar-Lele: Founder, vegan product development

After four years of product development, plenty of tests and all the great experience I decided to quit my job and start my own business. I opened the LIMA natural beauty laboratory in 2016 in my home town, Szeged. Since then, I have been producing my best vegan and all-natural formulas – all by hand in small batches. I am happy to see that more and more people come across LIMA and value this kind of contribution to a healthier glowing skin and a better future.

I am glad that you have discovered LIMA, too! Come and have a look around!

Márta Akpinar-Lele

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