Vegan quality ingredients

We are very picky with the ingredients used in our products. After a long researching time and plenty of samples tested we found the oils, butters, essential oils and all the other goodies we chose to make our products with.


Lima products are made using exclusively vegan ingredients.

We believe that all the care, that the skin needs can be found in these high quality ingredients. We care for animal welfare and look for suppliers who are not conducting any animal testings.

Organic oils and butters in the Lima products:

- extra virgin olive oil

- coconut oil

- cocoa butter

- castor oil

The products are formulated strictly according to the requirements of natural cosmetic standards. Lima products are made with natural ingredients. All products are free of GMOs, parabens and fragrances.

Overwhelming scents

In the Lima products we use high quality pure essential oils. We are especially proud of our lavender oil, which is fantastic quality product of Hungary.

Some products like the Cocoa babe body butter are made without any essential oil added so that you can enjoy the natural scent of butters.

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