About the Lima products

- Are all Lima products vegan?

 Yes, Each and every Lima product is made exclusively of high-quality vegan ingredients. 

- I have dry and sensitive skin. Which product should I try?

We recommend you the Marshmallow facial cleanser soap, which was developed specially for dry and sensitive skin. The Lima Marshmallow soap contains extra virgin olive oil, organic cocoa butter and white Kaolin clay. It is a mild facial cleanser with lots of creamy lather and a delicate flowery scent.

Use the soap mornings and evenings as a facial cleanser or you can apply it also to remove your mascara. In case you have a sensitive, dry skin it is essential to choose a rich day cream to treat and protect your skin.

Marshmallow facial cleanser soap


- My skin is oily. Which product do you recommend?

The Verdana facial cleanser soap has antiseptic and regulating properties. Green montmorillonite clay is blended in this soap that absorbs dirt and balances the talc production. We make this soap using organic extra virgin olive oil and cold-pressed grapeseed oil. Enjoy the antiseptic and fresh essential oil blend of rosemary, bergamot and peppermint.

Verdana facial cleanser soap

- Which Lima helps to treat blackheads and acne?

The Lima Black lavender facial cleanser soap is made with activated charcoal powder. This powder works wonders on the skin: it is absorbing impurities, excessive oils and toxins of the skin. It has antibacterial effects and helps to reduce skin irritation and inflammation. Activated charcoal is best combined with Hungarian lavender essential oil. We chose this oil because of it’s anti-inflammatory and calming properties to help your skin breath again.

With problematic skin you should be choosing your day facial care carefully. Avoid too heavy, oily creams.

Black Lavender facial cleanser soap

- Is there a Lima product for babies and expectant mothers?

We believe that the best thing that can happen to your skin is the Cocoa babe vegan body butter.  This deeply moisturizing and skin-protective butter is made of organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil and vitamin E. The result is a delicate, creamy skin treatment with the wonderful scent of cocoa beans.  

Cocoa babe is ideal to treat the sensitive baby skin and we also recommend it for expectant ladies as the vegetable butters and oils helps to maintain skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks.

 Cocoa babe body butter

- How to use Lip chéries?

We make Lip chérie in different forms. You can simply press it gently onto your lips and enjoy the protective layer of vegan oils and butters.

When you are on the go, store your lip chérie in the small aluminium jar to protect the product in the best way. As we have formulated this recipe using exclusively natural vegan ingredients, sunflower wax is contributing to the hard consistence of lip chéries. Be aware that around 30°C a lip chérie might get soft. If it happens, you can place it for a few minutes into the fridge and use again as usual.

Orange lip chérie

Lavender lip chérie

- What to use after shaving or waxing?

Before you start shaving you should prepare your skin adequately: take a shower and scrub your skin gently with one of the Lima body soaps: Aspira soap is made with detoxifying Parajd salt, which helps to remove dead skin cells; while Chocola will bring you a nice peeling thanks to the ground cocoa beans.

After shaving or waxing you might calm you skin with the Cocoa babe body butter, which also helps to dissolve the sticky wax rests.

Aspira soap with parajd salt

Chocola peeling soap

Cocoa babe body butter

- I would like to firm my body, what should I use?

A healthy and firm body starts with a balanced diet, lots of water and regular training. You can support your skin to get healthy glowing by using the Cocoa babe body butter which helps to maintain it’s elasticity and leaves your skin fresh.

Cocoa babe body butter


- What are the main pros of natural cosmetics?

The base oil of your cosmetic product is crucial!

Lima products are made exclusively of high-quality vegan oils and butters. The oils of plant parts, nuts and seeds contain essential nutritive and lots of vitamins which can be thoroughly absorbed and built-in by the skin. With a vegan treatment the pores remain free and the fatty acids and antioxidants of vegan oils improve the skin regeneration.

Unfortunately, we need to see that most of the commercial cosmetic products – and also some natural cosmetic brands - were formulated with paraffin oil. Paraffin oil is a transparent liquid oil which can be easily dispersed on the skin and is used frequently as base of massage oils – and sadly, also of baby oils. At the first look paraffin oil is not unhealthy, it is a very light oil that feels good on the skin. However, being a mineral oil, it is not absorbing into the skin. Even if it had and nutrition content or vitamins (which it doesn’t), those could not enter the skin. Paraffin oil is forming a film on the skin, blocking pores and preventing the healthy skin breathing. This can lead to irritations, excessive talc production and early skin aging. If we only used it in small amounts and as a rinse-off product, it might not be that unhealthy. But the ingredient lists of facial creams, body lotions and baby oils show how often we treat our skin with paraffin oil.

Choose natural scents over fragrances!

For us, a natural and organic product can only be scented with pure essential oils.

The Lima products are made with a blend of pure and 100% natural essential oils that are distilled of plants, flowers and fruits to offer you a great refreshment.

It is almost sure that a cosmetic product that smells like a strawberry, chocolate ice cream or toffee is scented with fragrance oil.  Beyond the sweet scents there are many negative aspects of fragrance oils: they get absorbed into the skin and get stored for a long time in our body. Fragrance might disturb the human hormone system, strains the liver and some researches point out that they might be cancer-causing. (Source: Praxis für Biologische Medizin, Erfurt).

Avoid strong preservatives

Lima products are self-preserving.

Almost all of our products – except for the soaps – are made without water and thus require no additional preservative agent. The vegan oils and butters are formulated in a way to ensure the greatest quality of our products.

Lima soaps are naturally self-preserving. During saponification oils and water turn into glycerine and soap. Our soaps are very gentle and creamy on the skin.

Each product that is made with a water base or fresh fruits and vegetables needs to be preserved in order to prevent the development and multiplication of bacteria. Facial cleansers, body lotion and shampoos belong to the group of preserved cosmetic products: here, the oils get emulsified with water or milk that results in a nice, creamy base.

Parabens are considered to be the most aggressive preservatives in cosmetics. They are very similar to the oestrogen hormone and seem to mess up the hormone system. Paraben is getting stored in the body for a long time.


In case you have any questions regarding the Lima products, please feel to turn to us with confidence: info@limacosmetics.com


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